Lifting Partners, Squats, and Goals

Coach remembered!

He had a head-to-head WOD planned but my hip still can’t handle much impact and he has been sidelined with a knee injury. Anything he could do I couldn’t and vice versa. There had been talk of a walk with intermittent plank-offs if it were raining – if it were a cold rain, or even sleet, that would be a bonus. But after 4 chilly, rainy, foggy days, the sun arrived this morning.

All this left us was an upper body lift day – back to be specific. I would have been happy just running our own workouts at the same time, like the good old days before Coach was my coach, but training partners we were. And I was in heaven. I rarely get to lift with someone except on the rare, very rare, occasion Coach can work in on my lifts. So even though it was back – eh, not too exciting – it was my first official time being a lifting partner, the first time in ages we worked out at the same time. I basked in the glory that I am good enough that the lifter I respect and admire most would consider me good enough to partner with. Oh, yes, he has said before I am one of two people that he could lift with but it has never happened so I thought he was just being uncharacteristically nice…never mind that we were working for different seasons, on different cycles, injured at odd times. Today it happened.

We did all our back lifts and then my partner became my coach again – time for pause squats. Best squats I have ever done. EVER. Keeping my elbows back and locking in my lats has saved me an enormous amount of stress as this keeps my upper body where it needs to be. Most of the reps I kept my weight evenly distributed, pushing all the weight into the left hip was a huge problem I developed as my right hip was failing.

Yesterday I came up with my list of 10 goals (plus 3 mission statements) that I want to accomplish/work on over the next two years. For the first time ever, not one weight is listed and not one “I must be ready for a specific competition” is noted. When I reviewed this with Coach he smiled and said “I like it”. Maybe I have finally figured out that my weakness is not my physical strength but rather what is going on in my head. For ages I was falling apart because my squat # decreased despite my form improving, stressing out about getting a 300# deadlift despite my hip falling apart preventing me from making progress. Whatever it is, my list has no weights listed and only addresses those things I have truly struggled with, in the case of #10 started to slack off on, and I believe as I work on these goals the weight will follow.

Goals for 10/6/2013 – 10/6/2015

1. To become consistent at taking workouts 1 lift and 1 rep at a time.
2. To conquer my fear of dropping the weight (especially on cleans, jerks, snatches)
3. To achieve GREAT form with the back/front/OH squat
4. To clean and jerk with good form and without fear.
5. To do a snatch Coach deems up to my potential
6. To maintain my work ethic without becoming manic
7. To stop apologizing when I didn’t screw up
8. To be a better team player by: working on #6, having faith in myself and my abilities, restoring my faith in Coach, being more understanding and flexible.
9. To be aware and honest about my physical limitations as they pertain to pain levels and injuries.
10. To stretch, work mobility or do my yoga at least 3 times per week


So there you have it. Here is to the next chapter in the life of a Warrior Girl!

And even though he doesn’t read this: Thanks Coach – for everything.


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Lifting is my love. I think it is safe to say it is the only thing I have ever loved in this life. After 20 years of battling anorexia, this Warrior Girl started winning that battle the first time I touched a barbell. Loving something is a powerful thing.

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