It’s coming! I promise! The Husband gets his wisdom teeth pulled Friday and my hope is the meds knock him out long enough for me to write.

I will admit that since I have been without a laptop, things have slacked to an unacceptable level. I hate being tied to the desktop! But I get a refurbed laptop next week and then you will all reflect on “the good old days” when Warrior Girl was absent for weeks at a time!




Those are all mine: 3 white lights.

I have much to share about this weekend but you’ve all been so supportive I couldn’t postpone telling you this!

3 White Lights

I have been so excited looking forward to the meet this weekend. New Coach has encouraged this attitude. The last week has been the most fun I have had with lifting in years, in large part because of the amazing people I have recently been surrounded by.

Today we had a run through of what meet day will be like and New Coach had the whole role-playing thing going on. “Start near the end of the last bench flight. There will 15 minutes for break-down. In the warm up room sweat pants off but keep your sweatshirt on.” We load the first warm-up weight, lift, wait as others will be working in. Load the next weight. “Here you drop down to singles. Don’t worry about what others are doing. Your plan works for you”. We wait as we pretend it is the day.

Then we get to the 3 pulls. Opener. I get to the lock out position and…keep pulling until I fall back on my ass. This has never happened before. New Coach starts laughing and says “That’s adrenaline for you. It obviously means you can pull a lot more but day of, stay there for pull 2. Stick to the plan and get 3 white lights.” My next 2 pulls are fine.

It was an amazing day. He says “my surgery isn’t until Friday afternoon so text anytime before then. Friday evening e-mail if you have any concerns. Saturday I’ll be “on call” if you need me between pulls. Keep me informed. Still excited?”

And for the first time since I have began working with him in late December, tears started falling straight down my cheek. “I am so excited, I am. And I am so sorry, but I want Coach. He doesn’t even know this is happening and I never wanted to do it without him.”

New Coach just smiled and said “Don’t be sorry. You were with him a long time and I know this is going to be really hard for you without him. I’m not him but I want you to know that if I didn’t have surgery I would be there with you. Anything you need, I am just a phone call away.”

But I will be awesome. I have two car-loads containing some of my high school athletes, a couple fellow lifters, my best friend and The Husband. We’ve packed the DS’s, our Magic decks, and downloaded Doctor Who’s. I’ve enjoyed the last 4 1/2 months, worked hard, kept my head in the game, and all while my parents have been having health problems, my 3 week illness, the medical bills. Coach would have been proud of my hard work, my attitude, and that I finally am winning the mental game. He may not know this is happening, if he did he wouldn’t care, but in our previous life I would have made him proud.

This matters to me. I care and I will always consider myself his athlete. I have decided that since I would have made him proud, since he will always be Coach and my little brother, I am going to wear his name on my back. Being his athlete is the thing I am most proud of and I want people to know.

And this time, I will have 3 white lights.

Missing Weeks, Changing Stances, Competition

I have yet to read what everyone has been up to in the last 3-4 weeks.

I have been sick, sicker than I have ever been in my life. Not fully recovered from the upper respiratory infection, I woke up in the middle of the night with a fever and in severe pain. Then other things began happening. It occurred to me that I was dying. The phone nurse said I needed to get to the ER but we needed to wait for my mom to make the trip into town and The Hubs and The Mom carried me out to the car, into the ER. Somewhere in this timeline I stopped thinking I was dying and started praying for death.

Every day of that week included IVs, shots in the tush, heavy-duty antibiotics. It is amazing to me that a bacteria that can barely be seen under a microscope can cause so much havoc. Needless to say, two weeks of illness left me exhausted. Not an ideal considering my next meet is approaching quickly.

Upon my return, knowing a certain amount of panic is setting in, New Coach decided the perfect way to get me out of my head while keeping the weight low (I had dropped 16 lbs) was to change everything about my deadlift. Two weeks away from comp and we are scratching everything and starting fresh…unheard of but this just might work. He said “I wouldn’t do this with anyone else…” something every coach and every trainer has said to me at some point. And I believe in this little experiment. New Coach has trained many competitive powerlifters, he is a competitor, his people are proven winners and he is a proven winner. And besides, what the hell do I have to lose? It can’t possibly be worse than last time.

In fact, it is already better. Red (my training partner so named because of her beautiful red hair), The Hubs, My Athlete, and My Bestie are going. Red and My Athlete are the only 2 that know anything about lifting and both are relative newbies. The priority for this little group is to have fun and to make sure I have fun.

New Coach has me lifting until day of comp, lifting heavy until that Thursday. When he first got me he told me he will never have me lift conventional deadlift again so I developed a nice in-between stance. I was making progress, setting PRs and all pain-free. He then, in contradiction to one of Coach’s golden rules, insisted I start wearing a belt. On day 1 I told New Coach that we all know I hold Coach’s teachings as sacred but I would try everything he wanted me to. It has been an effort on both our parts (me working on not saying “but Coach said…” and him taking a breath before replying “just try it and if it doesn’t work…”. It always works) which came to a head with the belt conversation. New Coach’s wife solved that one by saying “borrow mine for a week and just see”. I now own my own. So when New Coach proposed moving to a super-wide sumo stance 12 days before competition, I thought why not? He’s been working with me on it daily, sometimes spending 3 hours with me, taken hundreds of videos. Yesterday I noticed my name on his white board. For years I had looked at that white board and been envious of those names with notes and times and dates. I was working with NCAA when I noticed my name and I burst into tears. She grabbed my phone and took a picture of my name and notes. This rising star didn’t even have to ask what was up, she just knew.

New Coach was competing in World’s Strongest Man next week but he tore his rotator cuff and is heading into surgery instead. The best crossfitter in our area (another one of New Coach’s athletes) tore her bicep part way through The Open and had surgery last week. Another big lifter blew out his hamstring prepping for an April comp. Of all the people left standing, why is it me? This crosses my mind daily but I have only vocalized it once. New Coach says daily “competing is the most fun you will ever have, IF you allow yourself to have fun”.

Between the group I have assembled, the fact I am still on a soft-food diet, the new technique…my only option is to have fun. Everyone of the videos New Coach has taken ends with me laughing. Monday was the first time since we began working together I showed any kind of spirit other than studious athlete…I hopped up and down and said “this is so much damn fun” and he said it reminded him of the person I was when he first noticed me.

There may be hope for me yet. Sorry this is a mish-mash of a post but I am back. And New Coach has just sent a dozen more videos – time for me to study!