Updates and a Most Special Day

I have been away for ages, without enough time to even read up on all my friends here. Oh, I can’t wait until Friday morning when I will curl up with coffee and catch up on what Patricia at Imperfect Reason has been up to. I miss my internet friend as much as an “in-person” friend I haven’t seen in ages.

I have been booked (over-booked to tell the truth) with athletes between 13 to 22. Apparently I am hit with the young lady athletes and I love every minute of it. Between training, attending their games, and managing parents, I am gloriously busy from 8am to 10pm and hold group sessions on Sundays; my poor husband. Sunday’s are done at our house and he didn’t sign up for a house full of girls.

I have 2 competitions before the end of the year. The first is “just for more experience”. Training has been great but in August I was already saying I was ready for a new program. After the first meet we are changing my program, even though the second meet means something. But I have many meets ahead of me that mean something and I am ready for a change now.

It is official: my hip is a labral tear. I will need surgery. But I don’t need it now and I want to achieve certain goals before I have to take a year off.

Coach made 3 grand announcements today.

The first: at the end of my max bench and he said “I haven’t told you but I will be at your next competition. I know you’ve said you don’t want a coach with you again but I’m going. I will let you figure out your weights and only advise if you are unsure about the 3rd lifts. I will point out any major flaws, I will yell “up” on the squat and deadlift and “push” on bench. I will direct your warm-ups. Otherwise I will stay out of your way. I want you to talk to the other lifters, especially the women, and learn from them.” I have to admit, I almost broke out into a cold sweat. When we started together there was an agreement, he would never go to a meet. I have, however, become close friends with his wife over the last 10 months and lift with many of his athletes who will all be there. “You’re there to learn. I’m there to help. Monday morning we get back to work”. I mutter “I’ve heard that before” and he replied “not from me you haven’t”. Well, ok then. “I think it will work”.

The second: at first I thought it was harsh but it is actually a great relief. I asked if he had ever witnessed someone drop weight as drastically as I have on the bench. “I mean, a year ago I got 215!” His announcement “I didn’t see it, it was called by a coach I would question, so as far as I am concerned it didn’t happen. Your max in my book is 140 and that’s all that counts. You’ve talked to The Wife about her bench and that’s why you’re incorporating some of her programming.” On one hand, I DID get 215. I don’t question old coach’s call but what a relief! I have a clean slate. How often does that happen in one’s life?!

The third: “The Wife and I have a business meeting at 4, can you come along?” Ooookaaay. I shifted a couple of appointments, rode over with the wife, rode back with Coach. At some point I thought my role would be made clear, and maybe it was, but my head is a little swirly. I can’t wait until I receive the all clear for that blog post.

On a personal note, September 30th is our 15th wedding anniversary. We are having the time of our lives! This past weekend we had a party and most of my favorite people were there (including some of my girls and their families). I am truly blessed in this life!

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Lifting is my love. I think it is safe to say it is the only thing I have ever loved in this life. After 20 years of battling anorexia, this Warrior Girl started winning that battle the first time I touched a barbell. Loving something is a powerful thing.

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