For The Dreamers

Friday is my last day and my first day. I have my last athlete in someone else’s place at 1 pm and my first athlete in MY SPACE at 3:30 pm. Monday the 7th was the plan but, true to my nature, I am jumping ahead of schedule.

Everything is complete…enough. I have been working out in the space for the past 3 days and I love it. It is not the end vision but it is the end of step 2 towards creating the vision and that is pretty awesome. I am in awe of this whole process. Six weeks ago I came up with this crazy idea and since then: The Husband jumped on board without question (an unusual response to one of my ideas), The Coach offered some equipment without solicitation, dozens of friends I didn’t even know I had showed up to demo/build/drop off food/paint/anything and everything that needed done ASAP. When I asked someone “why? why all this help for something they have no stake in?” the response was “because most people don’t even have a dream. The one’s that do are too afraid to chase it. So when we meet someone who has a dream and is just crazy enough to say ‘Fuck it, I am going to make it happen’ we want to be a part of that. Oh, and all of these people – they believe in you”. I know the best people!

My St. Norbert College team is headed to their championship tournament seeded #2. I am a coach for a #2 seed NCAA team. Who saw this as my life? I want to be in Iowa so badly to watch them but I will be working. I will also miss two of my athletes playing for opposite teams in the high school state title championship game. When I go to a regular season game that involves my athletes going head to head I have to cover my eyes through most of it and The Husband delivers play-by-plays to me. I can’t imagine the horror I would feel at this game. I am glad I have to work! I am so proud of my ladies.

I had taken the summer off of squatting. My hip has been in constant pain since the labral tear years ago. When The Husband and I were planning our vacation the pain level was low but I wanted fun, healthy, quality time with The Husband and I knew that the low level would turn debilitating by the 3rd day of vacation if I didn’t take care of it. It was the best decision I had made. I made it through vacation and the 30,000 steps we put in each day. The morning we were to come home, I woke up and could not walk. I couldn’t even hobble. This past weekend I was looking at competition schedules, planning my program, and thinking about our summer – our hikes, runs, camping, the vacation we plan on repeating August 2017. I am no longer willing to sacrafice us in exchange for competing. I can still do push-pull events but I will not be squatting again. The moment I made that decision I felt an enormous sense of relief.

The last six weeks of getting the training space ready has meant a neglect of my own training. Having returned to my schedule this week, the neglect is obvious. I am sore everywhere from movement and weights that my body shouldn’t even register. It is good to be back, it is even better to make this return in my own place.

This time I’m doing it for the dreamers who are doers.


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Lifting is my love. I think it is safe to say it is the only thing I have ever loved in this life. After 20 years of battling anorexia, this Warrior Girl started winning that battle the first time I touched a barbell. Loving something is a powerful thing.

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