Lifting is my love. I think it is safe to say it is the only thing I have ever loved in this life. My favorite post on just how much I love it is . If you only read one post, I hope it is this one.

I am a powerlifter, personal trainer, former CrossFitter and runner, and recovering from 20 years of anorexia. The first two I talk about incessently, the last I have only recently become public about. I am on a journey to discover my potential, physical and psychological, and have found that with every PR I set on the weights, a new layer of inner strength is revealed. Every workout proves to me that I am not the quitter I always thought I was.

There aren’t that many females in my corner of the world lifting or trying to inspire others to do so. I decided to set aside my typically introverted self, put on my armor (lifting shoes and wrist straps) and share my experiences. For this Warrior Girl (so named because I have the spirit of a fighter and am a lover of RPGs), the weight on the bar is nothing compared to battling the voices in my head, which are reinforced by the negative comments I often receive from those closest to me who don’t believe women should lift.

I have been blessed to meet some wonderful trainers and have the best coach in the world. The food is still a struggle. The people that don’t understand still hurt me. But my love of wrapping my hands around the bar and the coach that never lets me quit keep me heading towards my destiny.

Lifting saved my life and I think it is safe to say it has become my life. It was all going beautifully until my injury in June 2013. The recovery has taken longer than planned, my numbers have plummeted, and I am starting the long road back.


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